The 5 Most Admired Companies in the World


Apple remains a financial juggernaut despite having a rough time lately. While the company is losing some grounds, their iconic products—the iPhone and iPad—maintain their reputation as the best in its industry and considered by many people to be as prestige devices. In fact, Apple’s iPhone 5 was regarded as the bestselling smartphone in the world, followed by the iPhone 4S.


Google is one of the few mega-companies who for years have seemingly been perfectly on track. The Android OS, Google’s mobile operating system, is expected to overtake Apple’s iOS this year as the most preferred mobile operating system in the US. Google Play is projected to go beyond the Apple App Store in terms of the number of apps for mobiles and tablets.


Coca-Cola posted a 4% increase of overall sales worldwide in 2012. In the US alone, Coke and Diet Coke remain as the 2 most favourite soft drinks. The company also prides itself in Minute Maid, a billion dollar brand. More than that, Coca-Cola has also recently gotten into the dairy business by acquiring an equity stake in the health-conscious company Fair Oaks Farms Brands.


To date, Starbucks is known as the world’s largest coffee shop chain. Even if the company faced great challenges in the wake of the recession, forcing itself to close hundreds of branches, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was able to lead the company into a better-than-expected post-recession growth.

Walt Disney

After purchasing Pixar Animation Studios (maker of “Toy Story”) and Marvel Entertainment (maker of “Avengers”) in the years 2006 and 2009 respectively, Walt Disney once more has made headlines for its major acquisition of LucasFilm (maker of “Star Wars”) in 2012. The massive growth of Disney even exceeded the silver screen as its revenue from its theme parks and resorts posted a 9% increase over 2011.